implementation process

The implementation process is critical to the success  of any outsourcing partnering initiative

Working with your implementation team, the CalllCast project management process will:

  • Provide a comprehensive set of activities  and deliverables

  • Focus on achieving business results

  • Ensure that all deliverables are met on time  and on budget

  • Eliminate risk of fluctuations/changes by linking  deliverables, identifying dependencies and any  resource limitations

  • Become a central, shared progress status repository

  • Easily accommodate adjustments and  unanticipated changes

There are 7 key areas that CallCast will focus on  when implementing your program:

  • Staffing Model & Allocation Requirements

  • Training

  • Infrastructure Set Up

  • Operational Requirements

  • Technology & Integration

  • Report Development

  • Quality Assurance Process Development

an approach that ensures success

We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ approaches at CallCast

From day one—CallCast will lead.  We will lead the Discovery  Process that involves  knowledge transfer,  development of the  implementation plan and  creation of the long term  strategic plan which will  establish the foundation of our  successful business relationship.